I was recently asked my greatest accomplishment in the mountains all I could think of was 30 years skiing and still adoring it - of countless expeditions where my partners and i have come out safe and better friends than ever, already planning our next adventure together. We have traveled the globe together the US, Canada, Alaska, Tibet, China, India, New Zealand, Europe, South America, Central America, Greenland, Baffin Island, Lebanon, Mongolia…the list goes on…with no end to the adventure in sight…documented on film, in magazines, and course in our mind’s eye.

Mountain Highlights

• Ski descent of choy oyu 26,907 ft (8201m)

• Womens ski and kite expedition Baffin Island

• Ski and kite Greenland

• 21 peaks/21 days Bolivia

• Trek of Frozen Zanskar River Ladahk, India

• Mongolia Women's Ski Expedition: first ski descents of the Five Holy Peaks, including Kuitan, the highest peak in Mongolia

• Mt. Waddington Ski Expedition: descent of Mt. Waddington and Combatant Couloir, British Columbia

• Yukon Territories to Dry Bay, Alaska, ski exploration, accessed from the Tatshenshini River

• Hannuman Tibba Women’s Expedition: first ski descent of RFHP, a 2500m couloir in the Himachal Pradesh region of India

• Kamchatka Women's Ski Expedition: first ski descent of Mt. Udina and Mt. Zimina, as well as the first female ski descent of Mt. Tolbachik

• Lebanon Ski Expedition: ski descent of Qornet as-Sawda, 3090m, traverse of the Mt. Lebanon Range

• Mt. Belukha: ski exploration and descent of highest peak in Siberia

• Cotopaxi (5897m) and Chimborazo (6310m) Volcanoes of Ecuador: ski descent of world’s highest active volcano